The payback period of the wine market in the conditions of the capital market will be from one to three years. Much depends on the location, the level of rent for the premises, the economic and political situation in the country. This is evidenced by the experience of the OKwine network, which has opened 18 wine outlets in Kiev in 6 years and entered the market of Kharkov.

As Alexander Androshchuk, the owner of OKwine, says in an interview with the Ukrainian Retail Association, it is no longer possible to rent a location, do minimal repairs, mention the word “wine” in the title and put the goods on the shelves, waiting for sales.

Over the past 5 years, the portrait of a consumer in Ukraine has changed significantly. He became more spoiled, well versed in wine and in the prices for it.

“Also, a new customer is demanding about the service. If we do not satisfy his requests, he will leave,” Androshchuk said.

Therefore, the outlet should be approached conceptually, to think carefully about the assortment, the price offer, to train employees.

In general, the development of one wine outlet takes at least three years, but six months later, according to sales indicators, it is possible to forecast what its future is.

At the same time, the owner of OKwine notes that among Ukrainians there are quite different consumers. Someone buys wine once a day or takes wine for dinner, someone buys it once in 2 weeks, and some take the whole boxes of wine.

Approximately 50/50 are men and women. The men usually prefer strong drinks, and women often choose wine and sparkling drinks.