From selling the state agricultural land, which is about 10 million hectares, Ukraine could get $ 15-20 billion. Makar Pasenyuk, the managing partner of the investment group ICU, shared this estimate.

The specialist notes that the average rent for land in Ukraine is 140-150 $/ha per year. That is, according to a conservative estimate, the cost per hectare of land should be $ 1.5-2 thousand.

“The cost of the entire state land can be compared with the program of the IMF, which is $ 17.5 billion. This is also 2-3 times higher than the net reserves of the National Bank at $ 6.8 billion,” Interfax-Ukraine quoted Pasenyuk.

By the way, according to the Government, the total area of agricultural land in Ukraine is 42.7 million hectares, of which 70% or 32.5 million hectares is arable land.

We recall that in June, the Public Coalition was established in Ukraine, which stands for the abolition of the moratorium on land. This is the first such organization in our country, and it has already collected more than two dozen organizations.

Support for the abolition of the moratorium in Ukraine was previously voiced by the European Court of Human Rights.