In addition to classic carrots, beets, onions and cabbage, a considerable demand for exotic products was formed among Ukrainian restaurateurs. They are willing to pay for it more, but the quality should be appropriate, writes Agravery.

In demand now are sweet potato, asparagus, Brussels sprouts and yellow watermelons. Also, catering establishments do not have enough quality farm meat, for example, marble veal, says Olga Nasonova, an expert in the restaurant business.

According to her, Ukraine has already learned how to replace many imported products with domestic products. In particular, this applies to greens and cheese. Our farmers can already produce mozzarella and good quality cheese, asparagus and greenhouse greens.

Katerina Minka, head of the restaurant supply service of Savva Libkin (Odessa) adds that they have a demand for “baby” greens, but Ukrainian farmers have not learned yet how to grow it. There is also a need for “mini” vegetables:  mini-peppers, mini-eggplants, pattypan squash, tomato and cucumber, colored carrots, purple potatoes.

Of course, the purchases of restaurants are low, but they are willing to pay more than a farmer can get on the wholesale market. For example, if the wholesale depot orders 50 kg of a product, then a restaurant takes only 10 kg. Whether it’s tomatoes, or, for example, cucumbers.

“There can be 20 gherkins in a kilogram. A farmer has a choice: to sell them to us at a price of 50-60 UAH, or to wait until the cucumbers grow. Then there will be 4-5 pieces in a kilogram, and the price at the market will be 10 UAH/kg,” Minka says.

She adds that, for example, for a liter of cow milk, farmers are paid 15 UAH, goat milk costs 25 UAH/liter. The volumes are up to 80 liters per day.