The break-even point in the production of trout is 7.3 tons per year. Such calculations were shared in the analytical company Pro-Consulting.

Analysts calculated the profitability of a fish farm equipped with a closed water supply system. They note that the level of competition in this niche is not high, so it is attractive for investment.

Most of the technological processes in this production are mechanized and automated. Stocking of containers occurs once a year with fry, 10 grams each baby fish. Then, the optimal hydrochemical regime and the feeding regime are selected. Twice a month the fry is weighed, once a week they are examined by a veterinarian, and once a quarter he does them a blood test.

According to calculations, such a farm can annually produce 55 tons of quality fish, for which it is possible to raise more than $ 320 thousand.

For 8 years, the total revenue will be $ 2.2 million, that is, the farm will be able to get a good profit, they say in Pro-Consulting.

Previously it was reported that the arrangement of a farm to grow trout would need from € 20 thousand to € 50 thousand. The net profit from the sale of a ton of fish was estimated by specialists in more than € 2 thousand.