Argo producers of the Ukrainian south are recommended to look at hyssop, a new plant for cultivation in Ukraine. It can become extremely promising for growing, for example, in the Mykolayiv region, Agro Yug reports with reference to the study of the Mykolayiv National Agrarian University.

To start cultivating this crop, a farmer must invest about $11,000 in one hectare. In this case, the plant is a perennial and will bring profit to the farmer for at least eight years.

However, scientists do not advise taking more than 10 hectares under the hyssop.

The advantage of this plant is that it has neither pests nor diseases. Moreover, specialists in permacultural agroproduction argue that if hyssop is planted in the row of fruits and vegetables, it is possible to get rid of pests such as cabbage moth, Pieris rapae, or aphids, which often plague agrarians in the southern regions of Ukraine.

For the treatment of hyssop fields, no specialized equipment is needed. You can even use a hand-held mini-technique.

However, there are also risks in the cultivation of hyssop. For example, scientists warn that the temperature conditions in the south of Ukraine can be somewhat high and therefore recommend to grow it on irrigated lands or apply shading.

To date, they have not found out which of the varieties of hyssop is the most suitable for growing in the southern regions of Ukraine, they say that with the right approach to this crop and appropriate marketing, Ukrainian farmers will be able to earn decent profits on the hyssop.

By the way, in the world hyssop has been cultivated for a long time. It is grown in many European countries and in 13 US states. They use this crop in pharmacology, cooking and perfumery. Hyssop also gives a good honey. Hyssop honey is three times more expensive than a regular flower honey.