Ukrainian plums as of September 20 lost 50% of their value compared to last year. This is the biggest percentage reduction in prices among the so-called “autumn” fruits (apples, pears, plums and grapes), Info-Shuvar informs.

In addition, the plum showed the greatest falling of the price among stone fruit. The price of plum in the wholesale market today is 11-12 UAH/kg, and the lowest price was on August 27 – 5.5 UAH/kg.

Following the plums are apples. Prices for them decreased depending on the variety by 30-45%, compared to last year. Thus, apples of the “Gala” variety in wholesale markets currently cost 4-6 UAH/kg (-45% against the price of the previous year), the “Golden” apples are for 7-10 UAH/kg (-30%).

Analysts also emphasize that such a price is offered for the usual Ukrainian apple, but for premium analogs of the same varieties, buyers are ready to pay twice the price, but the supply of such apples to the market is rather limited.

The price of pears also fell. Compared to the same period in 2017, today pears cost 14% less, 11.2 UAH/kg on average.

The prices for domestic grapes compared with last year, almost unchanged and are 25-30 UAH / kg, depending on the variety.

Analysts note that all of these products have been on the market since early August and although demand for them has traditionally been growing in September (and according to sellers in the wholesale markets, this season it has grown even more than usual), raising prices for “autumn” fruits will not work.

Earlier it was reported that, despite a significant reduction in the price of Ukrainian plum, it is 10-20% more expensive than in Poland.

Also, we remind that last year Ukrainian producers delivered $ 6 million worth of plums to foreign markets, which is 7.7 times more than in 2016, but this year the tendency to increase exports of this stone fruit has not been preserved.