Mowing For A Combine Investing In Agricultural Machinery Foreign Farmers Save Up To 100 Ha Compared With Ukrainians

Saving on agricultural machinery, Ukrainian farmers are spending more money than the US and European agrarians. Annually renewing their fleet of machinery, foreign agricultural producers save up to $ 100 per hectare in comparison with Ukrainians. Such observations were shared by Michael Horsch, one of the founders and leaders of Horsch company, during the IX International Conference “Large Farm Management” (LFM).

According to him, agricultural machinery in Ukraine is used inefficiently. Most of the agrarians use in their fields both old and new equipment, and also greatly exceed the lines of operation of agricultural machinery. Thus, the costs of repairing them sometimes reach $150 per hectare.

For example, large farmers in the US and Europe use a 400-500 liters tractor during 3 thousand operating hours on average, whereas in the best farms of Ukraine a tractor with the same characteristics is used in 8,000 hours.

The same applies to other equipment: on average in the US and Europe, a combine operates 4,000 hours, but in Ukraine, it does 10,000, the sprayer in the US and the EU is used for 80 thousand, and in Ukraine, they use it for 150 thousand hours.

Investments in the acquisition of new agricultural machinery abroad are an average of $ 1,000 per hectare and in Ukraine, it is about $ 700. The costs of repairs for foreign farmers are $ 50 per hectare and for Ukrainians, they are $ 150.

According to Horsch estimates, speaking on average, investments in one machine a year for the American and European farmers are $ 150 per hectare, while the Ukrainian ones invest $ 250, that is, as much as $ 100 more expensive.