Colonization Of Quot Mars Quot More Than Two Hundred Villagers Can Sue Quot Agromars Quot For Moral Damages

A large amount of money may be collected from the management of the Agromars complex to compensate for the moral damage to the peasants. This opinion was expressed by Victor Moroz, managing partner of the law firm Suprema Lex, “Agroinsider” reports.

Earlier, the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv recognized five residents of the village of Gavrilovka as victims of a criminal case against the management of the company “Agromars” on suspicion of violating environmental legislation and creating illegal burial grounds.

According to Moroz, if these five receive compensation for moral harm, it will be easier for other villagers to prove that they too got moral damage. The main task will be only to bring the size of this harm.

Ilya Tkachenko, the head of the practice of the criminal law of the lawyer association “Krolevetsky and Partners”, says that the law does not specify the minimum and maximum amount of compensation for moral harm. However, it can be concluded from judicial practice that now there is a tendency to increase its size.

In cases of compensation for moral damage caused by environmental violations, the amount of payments now reaches one million UAH and even more. However, such amounts are appointed when significant harm to health or death of victims has occurred.

According to Alexei Frantsuz, an activist of the “Green Fund. Overcoming humanitarian and environmental disasters “, in the case of compensation for harm to health caused to the residents of nearby villages by the activities of the “Agromars” complex, it is practically impossible to prove it in Ukraine. It will be difficult to confirm that the damage to the health of the peasants was caused precisely because of environmental contamination resulting from the activities of poultry farms.

However, the activists will continue to work in this direction, and the recognition of the five villagers as victims will be an additional argument.

Moreover, the activists who work with the residents of Gavrilovka and Tarasovshchina continue to involve the residents of the villages Sinyak, Rakovka and Dimer in this case.

At the same time, Oleg Pokrasen, the village chairman of Gavrilovka, asserts that the environmental situation in the village has not improved since the beginning of the criminal proceeding and hopes that having 200 victims in this case, it will be more difficult to keep it quiet.