The change in the registration system of agricultural machinery and its transfer to the level of the Ministry of Internal Affairs can have a painful effect on the agrarians. This is the opinion of Vladimir Samsonyuk, deputy director of the department of agro-industrial development of the Rivne regional state administration, Agroinsider reports.

According to him, in this issue the difference between agricultural machines and conventional vehicles is very noticeable: how to register them, to which service center to apply to or how to bring the inspector to inspect the equipment. On the other hand, in his opinion, the current system is also far from perfect.

“If earlier, before the concentration of functions at the State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection, which already had a record number of them, the points of registration of agricultural machinery were in each district, but now there is one subdivision in several districts,” he said.

Ruslan Khomich, chairman of the Association of Farmers and Private Landowners of Volhynia region, also complains about the existing procedure.

“To register a tractor of Minski Traktorny Zavod, the documents of which are lost, you need to get a certificate worth almost 8 thousand UAH, that proves that “MTZ tractor is REALLY an MTZ tractor”, says the agrarian.

Khomich does not exclude that with the delegation of the system of registration of agricultural machinery from the State Consumer Service to the level of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the procedure may be more complicated than now. But the current situation is also not the best. The single-window system does not work: some give you a certificate that the tractor is a tractor, from the others you should get a paper about its price. This is a very long process.

The businessmen are wary of innovation: the interaction with the Interregional Registration and Examination Department (IRED) gave most of them an unpleasant experience.

“If the former IRED deals with this issue, then most likely the consumer will have more problems. There may be more queues, and we will not meet the deadlines for registering agricultural machinery,” says Andrei Serov, Commercial Director of Delta-2015 LLC.

We recall that the service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs can start registration of agricultural machinery until the end of 2018.