Unsuccessful Experiment Ukrainian Scientists Lost All Of Their Pigs Because Of Asf

The National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine lost all its four pig farms because of the African Swine Fever.

The last accident was recorded in the village Antonovka of the Kherson region in the Institute of rice, PiguA reports.

According to the State Procurement Service, the ASF was found on 6 September. All livestock is subject to destruction.

In general, this accident became the 427th in Ukraine. Previously, in early August, ASF was recorded in the “Decembrists Experimental farm” in Poltava. Once there were 120 pigs dead, and the whole farm had 2500 animals.

What is unique is that it was the only enterprise in Ukraine that bred and grew the Myrhorod black-speckled breed of pigs. 100% of the genetic potential of the breed was concentrated there: 6 lines of boars and 12 families of sows.

Earlier, in July, the disease was discovered in the Rivne region. There, in Gorodets village was another farm of the National Academy of Sciences. But it was small, only with 30 pigs.

In March, because of the ASF, the number of livestock in the experimental farm “Stepnoe” of the Pig’s Institute in Poltava was destroyed.

We recall that over the past two years, due to the ASF, Ukraine has lost six markets for pork and significantly weakened the foreign trade of this product.

According to the estimates of the Association of Livestock Breeders of Ukraine, large pig-breeding complexes that suffered from ASF lost $ 460 per pig.