Craft Bazaar 8 Processing Enterprises Will Be Launched At The Wholesale Market In Lviv

The wholesale market “Shuvar” (Lviv) is planning plans to launch a full-scale production development project on its territory already in 2019. It was told by Roman Fedishin, the founder of the group of companies “Shuvar”, in an interview with east-fruit.

Now several large operators are already working here, trying to start the process.

Next year, according to Fedishin, Shuvar will allocate 1,000 square meters for production. This area will be divided into rooms of approximately 100 square meters. m, which will provide operators for small business development – craft production.

The company has already held negotiations with the producers of confectionery and dairy products, as well as sausages.

“The conditions are as follows: we give the keys to the premises to the operator, he starts working there. At the same time, proper conditions are created for workers: showers, locker rooms, etc. The fee for such services is 10% of the sales volume for us”, says Fedishin. “For highly profitable enterprises this is not much.”

Thus, in one place will be concentrated the production and sale of finished products.

Fedishin also specified that in case of successful implementation of the project, 8 enterprises will be added to “Shuvar”, which will be able to produce 1-3 tons of products every day.

In addition, they plan to allocate a separate zone for the HoReCa segment, where cafes and public catering places will be located. This will happen in November. One pavilion will be allocated for a confectionery, another for exclusive cheeses.