The production and circulation of organic products in Ukraine will work according to new rules from August 2019. By that time it is necessary to develop and approve about 15 normative acts and bring all the rules in line with the new law, Olga Trofimtseva, deputy minister of agrarian policy and food, told during a press conference, UNIAN reports.

For the organic market participants, three separate registries will be developed: operators, certification bodies and seeds.

“It will be three basic registers. Open, transparent and freely available”, said Trofimtseva.

It is believed that the by-laws that the ministry will work on until August 2019 will settle the organic market in accordance with the rules that operate on the international market.

At present, the first draft of detailed rules of the organic market is ready, which includes the features of parallel production, storage, transportation, marking and the like.

For his part, Yevgeny Milovanov, chairman of the board of the Federation of Organic Movement, noted that hundreds of manufacturers of organic products are now operating on the domestic market. In their activities, they are guided by EU standards.

However, so far, organic production has not received a wide scale in our country. According to official data, it occupies to 1% of farmland. And, recently this area is shrinking. If a year ago, according to various estimates, there were from 380 thousand to 410 thousand hectares, now there are 100 thousand hectares less.

Approximately 98% of Ukrainian organic products are exported.