Discussion of the further fate of the Lipetsk factory Roshen the Russian side conducts at the local level without the knowledge and participation of the Ukrainian corporation, Ukrainian News reports with reference to the Roshen press service.

Recently, no one has offered to buy a Lipetsk factory and no one has checked it out, the press release says.

Roshen states that the Moscow Basmanny Court extended the arrest of the Roshen factory until December 13. For the first time, the property of the factory was seized by Russian authorities on April 28.

It was closed by the corporation itself in early 2017 for economic and political reasons, and on April 1, 2018, it stopped and mothballed production.

Roshen Press Service notes that it can be renewed with additional investments, time and new trademarks for sweets.

Assets of the factory are estimated by the Russian side at $ 28 million. Being mothballed, the factory increased its losses by almost 64 times, to $ 4.37 million

As we wrote earlier, the Russian authorities can secretly transfer the Lipetsk Roshen to the confectionery association Slavyanka for temporary use.