Gala Concert Gardeners Will Get A Better Price For Gala Apples And Semirenko Will Be Sold For Nothing
Фото: Eda-land

In the first two months from the start of the new season (July-August), Ukraine increased the export of apples at once by 3.7 times. During this period, 3,300 tonnes of fruit were sold to foreign markets, for which $ 940 thousand was given.

For comparison, in July-August 2017, export revenues amounted to $ 139 thousand, and only 480 tonnes were sold, the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association reports.

Mostly now they export the Gala variety, which began to mature in mid-August.

In July, in addition to apples of summer varieties, many of the last year’s harvest were also sold. At the same time, due to the high quality of apples, the producers got the best price.

The Association expects that in the 2018-19 season, exports will double and reach 80-90 thousand tons. And this year’s harvest will be so much that this volume could be doubled again. However, it is difficult to implement: varietal assortment in Ukraine more corresponds to the needs of the Russian market and of other countries of the former USSR than to the newly opened markets.

In addition, domestic gardeners are not equipped with modern sorting lines. They lack quality packaging for fruit.

Most likely, part of the record harvest will be recycled, according to The Association. Prices for such apples remain low.

Andrei Yarmak, an economist at the investment department of FAO, calls the start of the apple season a good one.

At the same time, he expects that this year two very different prices for apples will form in Ukraine. One is quite good, for the fruits of export varieties and good quality. The second is extremely low, on Idarred, Simirenko and other “non-export” varieties, and also on low-quality fruit.