0 5m For 0 5l Deputies Demand To Increase The Penalty For Selling Alcohol To Minors From 7 Thousand Uah To 0 5 Million Uah
Silhouette drunk men fights while holding a bottle of beer

Seven deputies from Petro Poroshenko’s Party, the Radical Party and Samopomich made a bill in the Verkhovna Rada that tightened the responsibility for selling wine, beer and cigarettes to minors.

Legislators want to significantly increase fines for shops that sell tobacco and alcohol to teenagers and introduce administrative responsibility for people who help minors buy cigarettes and any alcoholic beverages.

The deputies intend to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products in any trade outlets located less than 200 m from kindergartens, schools, vocational schools, out-of-school institutions, pre-university training and specialized educational institutions of all forms of ownership if the shop area is less than 40 sqm.

The penalty for violation of all these rules of trade for the company will increase, according to the bill from 6800 UAH to 500 thousand UAH. A seller or cashier who directly sold alcohol or cigarettes, according to the administrative code, should pay no longer 510- 1700 UAH, as today, but 17-34 thousand UAH

Those who are caught helping to buy a bottle of alcohol or a pack of cigarettes to a person who has not reached the age of 18, according to the plan of the legislators, must be fined in the amount from 170 UAH to 425 UAH.

Previous amounts of fines are not effective, explained deputies, who submitted amendments with new norms.

As we wrote earlier, anti-smoking activists and parliamentarians are already lobbying bill No. 4030a, the goal of which is to prohibit the visible placement of cigarettes in the places where they are sold.