An effective nut orchard begins from 50-60 hectares. Such assessments were shared by Pavel Tulba, head of the cooperative “Nut of the Black Sea Coast”, writes “Agro-Yug”.

The expert explains that there is a minimum set of equipment that must be purchased, including light and heavy tractors. You need to hire an agronomist, to protect the plantations, drill wells, supply electricity and much other work to do.

To spend all this money on 10 hectares is inefficient. After all, the spendings will be the same, and the number of products produced will be much smaller.

Tulba says that in five years, for example, a mixed nut orchard may need to invest about $ 25 thousand per hectare.

At the same time, according to the estimates of the analytical company Pro-Consulting, the profitability of investments in the nut business is 180%. The efficiency of investment in processing is even higher, every dollar of investment returns in three.

Therefore, Ukrainian farmers have recently begun to pay more attention to nuts. For example, last year nut orchards were planted more than apple and pear trees.

And in 2018, the state compensation of 80% of the cost of seedlings was added to the advantages of nut farming when planting new gardens. According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, for half a year the program reimbursed almost UAH 20 million or approximately UAH 28,000 in recalculation per hectare of plantations.