Head In The Sand The Ostrich Farm In Ivano Frankivsk Region Is Closed Due To Lack Of Demand For Meat

The farmer Roman Sukharuk, who owns an ostrich farm in the village of Spasy in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, is making plans to sell the birds and to close his business. All this because of no demand for exotic products, he told NTK tv channel.

The first chicks Suharuk purchased six years ago. During this time, it was not possible to establish sales, although he offered meat to restaurants and hotels. They refused to buy such products, arguing that they could not cook ostriches.

The farmer notes that ostrich is considered dietary meat and is the product of the highest category. The only disadvantage is the high price, one kilogram of ostrich meat is valued at 400 UAH.

Now there are 7 birds left on the farm. The farmer wants to sell them wholesale and then to close his business. He has already bought turkeys, they are easier to deal with.

By the way, recently a lot of small ostrich farms have developed in Ukraine (according to experts, now there are about 60 such farms). Usually, birds are grown for eggs and meat. Also, a valuable product is a skin, and feathers are used as decoration or decor elements. The eggshell, the dishes, lamp shades for lighting and watch cases are made from the eggshell.

In Ukraine, there are also successful examples of ostrich business. For example, Vasily Kovinko holds a 5-hectare farm in the Kyiv region since 2002. He says that business is profitable, especially since you can start it from just 4 birds.