This year autumn sowing season begins later due to weather conditions. Air and soil drought does not allow farmers to sow winter crops in their usual time, UNN reports with reference to the data of the department of agrometeorology of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center.

According to the report, agrarians from the northern and eastern regions will also begin to sow in later terms. There, the optimal seeding conditions for the beginning of September-October are predicted. Agrarians of the southern regions will start sowing winter crops in even later. In recent years, depending on the weather conditions, seeding here starts in October-November, and sometimes even in early December.

According to meteorologists, now there is an unusual situation for the southern regions of Ukraine. Since early April, they have suffered from a drought, and now a significant amount of precipitation has fallen, from which there will be not only benefits.

The explanation for this is the cyclone that usually stays over the Crimea, now affects the weather in Ukraine in general and the southern regions in particular. Although, according to experts, for the northern and eastern regions its moisture is not enough.

In 3-4 days the cyclone will be losing its activity and moving to the west of Ukraine, but it will not reach the Kharkiv and Sumy regions.

We recall that, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, autumn sowing has already started in 14 regions of Ukraine, but from the forecasted 7.2 million hectares, only 90 thousand hectares were planted with winter grain, which is 1%.

Also, just 1% was sowed with triticale (88 thousand hectares, although predicted 6.2 million hectares), only 1 thousand hectares of 147 thousand projected is sown with rye and 1 thousand hectares form 872 thousand of winter barley.

At the same time, winter rapeseed was sown already at 85% of the projected area: 755 thousand hectares of the projected 888 thousand hectares.