Farmers of Adjara (Georgia) will purchase 48 000 kg of planting garlic variety “Lyubasha” from Ukrainian farmers. Also in Ukraine, they will acquire combined nitrogen biofertilizers and protective equipment for this crop.

This was stated by Georgi Baramidze, project manager of the Agroproject Management Center of the Ministry of Agriculture of Adjara, EastFruit reports.

According to him, planting material from Ukraine will be purchased within the framework of the project, which provides that 70% of its cost is covered by the state, and the remaining 30% is covered by farmers.

Planting garlic from Ukraine will be sent to Adjara farmers in the middle of September, its planting is envisaged on an area of 32 hectares, and 30 of them have already received applications.

It is expected that the Ukrainian variety will demonstrate yield in Georgia at the level of 7-10 t/ha.

Baramidze notes that the government is trying to solve the problem of growing low-yielding varieties of garlic in the region and replace them with high-yielding varieties, as this crop is quite promising for growing in high-mountain areas where it is possible to harvest environmentally friendly crops.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian companies purchased about 150 thousand saplings of Italian hazelnut varieties in Georgian gardens, which, thanks to the experience and consultations of Georgian colleagues, will be planted on several thousand hectares. Such cooperation should start the development of hazelnut business in Ukraine.