Mass harvesting of grapes of wine varieties this year began a week or two earlier in the south of Ukraine. But the yield will be high, writes “Agro-Yug” with reference to the producers 

Winemakers explain that early harvesting was made possible by favorable weather conditions.

For example, in “Koblevo” they already collected muscat varieties and proceeded to white grapes. “Now we are picking Aligote and Chardonnay. Mostly, manually. This year the grapes are very good and we do not want to damage it with a combine. At least, white varieties will be collected manually, ” said the company representative Alena Kobaleva.

The company has already harvested a crop of 217 hectares. They say that the yield is much higher than usual. There are 82 centners/ha of Chardonnay, sometimes up to 95 centners. While on the average this variety yields 60 centners/ha.

If the weather remains dry, they will begin to pick Sauvignon, Riesling, Rkatsiteli, and later varieties soon.

The harvesting in another wine company “Shabo”, is also well under way. They started with white varieties Pinot Gris, Muscat Ottonel and Aligote and say that in mid-August the berries had a sugar content of 17 g/dm3 and 10 g/dm3 of acidity.

In contrast, the company Massandra, whose capacity remained in the annexed Crimea and came under nationalization, is planning to harvest at an average level. They are careful to make forecasts, because they lost 400 hectares of vineyards, due to weather conditions, including hail.

By the way, the area under the vineyards in Ukraine has been decreasing in recent years. If in 2013 they were estimated at 67 thousand hectares, now they make up only 41 thousand hectares.

The harvest of grapes in Ukraine last year amounted to 410 thousand tons against 378 thousand tons in 2016.

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