Cereal Money A Business On Cereal Bars Brings More Than 200 Of Profitability

With the cost price of high-quality cereal bars is $ 0.2, but the selling price of them is $ 0.7. So, the profitability of such products is 250%. This follows from the data of the business plan published by the analytical company Pro-Consulting.

Experts note that in the organization of production of healthy snacks, the main costs will go to the boiler (approximately $ 10 thousand), the product line ($ 25 thousand) and the packaging machine (about $ 8 thousand).

Proizvodstvo Fitnes Batonchiki

The main consumers will be people aged 23-50 years who prefer a healthy lifestyle.

It is this trend that increases the demand for fruit snacks, various types of which contain cereals, dried fruits, nuts and the like. Over the past five years, the share of fruit and cereal bars in the global snack market has increased from 8% to 18%.

Ukraine is not behind these trends either. The demand for cereal bars among domestic consumers is growing and mostly it is satisfied with domestic production.

However, recently there has been an increase in the share of imported products. This suggests that Ukrainian producers are no longer able to cope with market demands, according to Pro-Consulting. So, in this segment, there is a space for new manufacturers.

For successful production, experts recommend entrepreneurs to look at foreign analogs. The quality of the product should be the same, but the snacks themselves should be sold cheaper.

Recall, according to recent calculations, Ukrainians consume an average of 1.5 kg of snacks per year. However, they still prefer fresh fruits, vegetables or dairy products as snacks.