In Ukraine, the first agrarian receipt for services is issued. It was signed by the company “Organic-D”, which grows carrots in the Vinnytsia region, according to the National Press Club “Ukrainian Perspective”.

The agrochemical laboratory Prime Lab Tech (PLT) acts as the second party of the agrarian receipt. According to the contract, it must select samples and track the dynamics of the change in soil quality within a year from each site several times.

“Organic-D” signed a financial agrarian receipt with the laboratory on a simplified methodologyб one contract instead of two (the contracts for rendering services and directly registering receipts).

The implementation of the agrarian receipt will be carried out in two stages. “We are selecting samples of soil this year, and this work will be paid by “Organic-D” from the current harvest,” Olga Digun from PLT told. “A part of the analysis will be made in spring, they will be finished with the carrot harvest in 2019 “.

By the way, “Organic-D” is a young farm, which cultivates 100 hectares of land. They grow root crops, carrots and beets, but they specialize mainly in carrots.

“This is a highly profitable crop. If you stick to technology, it will give a good harvest,” explains Vadim Krichkovsky, director of the company. And he adds that they plan to get 40 tons per hectare from the non-irrigated lands.

“Organic-D” has its own vegetable warehouse for 3 thousand tons. About 20% of the products are grown as ecologically clean, using only organic fertilizers and bio preparations.