Hocus Pocus Novus In Kiev Sells Raspberries 4 5 Times More Expensive Than The Market In Barcelona

Supermarket “Novus” sells fresh raspberries at 880 UAH/kg (in 125-gram packs at a price of 109.99 UAH), while at the market nearby it can be bought for 28-35 UAH/kg. That is, almost 30 times cheaper, wrote on his Facebook page Andriy Yarmak, an economist at the investment department of the FAO (UN).

“In other supermarkets, prices fluctuate within UAH 50/kg,” the expert points out. “No one will pay 30 times more for the same raspberries of the same quality if he pays attention to the price. Therefore, this is designed for a rich inattentive buyer”.

According to the resource Shuvar info, the wholesale price for raspberries on the Kiev market “Stolichny” ranges from 22-28 UAH/kg. For comparison: on the Warsaw market “Bronisze”, raspberries, converted from PLN to UAH cost 16 UAH/kg, and on Barcelona “Marcabarna” it is about 200 UAH/kg (6 euros).


“The raspberry in “Novus” differs only in that it is less fresh than on the street, it has the simplest packaging. These products do not have organic certification, says Yarmak. “But even if it had, it could cost two, three times as much, but not 30”.

After the raspberry case, The FAO economist looked at other products of this network, discovering shiitake mushrooms, on the price tag of which was written: “Organic Innovations”.


But, on the packaging of this product, he said, he did not find a mention of either the organic or the innovative origin of the product. This was also not the name of the manufacturer, which sounded like “Niko Agro Holding.”

“Novus” operates in the segment of relatively wealthy buyers, who, very often do not pay attention to the price, explains Yarmak. “Therefore, the supermarket abuses it too much”. I want people to learn that reputation is the foundation of business. And I want them to lose their money when they lose this reputation”.