Plum To Ukraine Ukrainian Plums Beat The Polish Ones With The Price 20 Higher

The Ukrainian plum, despite a significant price decrease compared to last year, is currently selling at 10-20% more expensive than the Polish one, Info-Shuvar informs.

So, the price of plum on the Polish wholesale markets is € 0.16-0.21 per kilogram, and Polish processors buy the plum at a price of € 0.1-0.14 per kilogram. Ukrainian wholesale markets sell plum for 6-8 UAH or € 0.18-0.24 per kilogram.

The critically low price in Poland has developed on other stone fruit, but the plum among them is the main anti-leader, its cost for the year in the Polish wholesale markets fell almost fourfold.

Moreover, in this season, a crop failure was observed and in August, processing enterprises and retail chains in Poland, faced with its deficit, began to purchase it from importers.

For example, last year in mid-August a kilogram of Polish plums in the wholesale market was sold for € 0.7-0.95, while Ukrainian plums of export quality cost 10-15 UAH or € 0.3-0.49 per kilogram. Given this, favorable circumstances developed for exports, and in 2017 Ukrainian farmers sent a record amount of plum abroad, 8 thousand tons.