In 2019-2020 years Ukraine will return to the level of imports of curd cheese at about 11 thousand tons.

This makes up 15-20% of the market, and it will be a big challenge for Ukrainian producers, because the prices for domestic cheese are almost equal to imported cheese, and sometimes they are even higher, writes “Infagro”.

Analysts note that earlier on the Ukrainian market there were attempts to resist imports. In particular, in the category of soft cheese types. Then on the supermarket shelves, a domestic product appeared, but it did not get any special popularity. Not even a relatively affordable price level helped there.

The threat from the possible growth of imports is noted by producers.

“But every threat is an opportunity. We rather see positive in this, because it means the growth of the sub-premium segment (mass premium – ed.), For which we have an appropriate offer”, says Oleg Kinder from the “Continium” company. 

It’s about cheeses that have different recipes and aging longer than young cheeses.

At the same time, the Ukrainian manufacturers expect that due to experience, investments and good specialists, they still will be able to compete with the same Polish cheeses.

Meanwhile, according to customs statistics, cheese imports to Ukraine are already showing growth. If in 2016 the volume of imports amounted to just over 8 thousand tons, then by the results of 2017, there are already 10 thousand tons.

In January-July 2018, Ukrainians increased consumption of imported cheese by 30%. Mostly the product comes from Poland, Germany and France.