In Ukraine, next year, up to 150 farms for growing edible snails can be opened. Such expectations were shared in the company “Zakhidniy Ravlik”, which has been conducting this exotic business for 5 years.

And indeed, the snail business is becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine. New farms appear more often, and, for example, in the Carpathian region, mollusks are grown by whole families.

Ivan and Irina Yuskevich, the owners of “Zahidniy Ravlik”, say that for profitable work on the snail production it is necessary to allocate at least a hectare of land and half a ton of broodstock.

To service such an area, four employees will be needed, and investments will amount to 80-100 thousand. Yes, the funds are considerable, but they will pay off already in two years, the “Economic Pravda” reports.

This year, “Zahidny Ravlik” makes plans to establish exports to the European Union. To do this, they seek an environmental site to expand production. So far, in 2018, they plan to collect up to 30 tons of the product.

Farmers say that the average price of a snail in a shell of the first class in Ukraine is 3.5 €/kg. But caviar of snails costs as much as € 1000 per kilogram. Even more expensive is slime, it is used in medicine.

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