Authentic Huzul cheese, sheep’s brynza will soon become the first product from our country, which gained recognition in Europe due to the brand of geographical indication. This was stated in the Association of manufacturers of traditional Carpathian high-mountain cheese, according to Ukrinform.

“Bryndzya” is the cheese made from sheep’s milk with the help of an enzyme from natural abomasum (stomach) of livestock. The most important value of such cheese is its ecological compatibility and naturalness.

The Association notes that such a product is manufactured only in Ukraine. Its roots go back to the 15th century, and its recipes Ukrainian families are passed on from generation to generation.

Thus, obtaining a brand of geographical importance is aimed not only at product protection, but also its promotion to foreign markets.

So, due to the brand of geographical importance, champagne and cognac, roquefort and parmesan cheese became popular. The application of this sign indicates a high quality of the product, a long tradition of its production and a special connection with the territory where it is produced.

We recall that September 2 in Rakhiv will be the traditional festival “Huzul Brindzya”, during which visitors will be able to try brindzya and traditional dishes from it, get acquainted with Huzul life and culture and listen to performances of folklore bands.