Polish Ed Prices Polish Milk Is Better And 60 Cheaper Than Ukrainian Milk

Today, the average price for 1 liter of milk in Polish “Auchan” in Ukranian currency is 14 UAH, while in Ukraine it is 24 UAH. This information was shared by Marian Zablotsky, deputy director of the Ukrainian Agrarian Association (UAA) on his Facebook page.

According to him, his friends helped him to monitor the prices in Poland for milk and meat.

At the same time, according to the resource “Guide in Poland”, the price for 1 liter of milk in this country is 2.51 zlotys or 19 UAH.

In the list of Zablotsky, the chicken thigh today costs for Poles 29 UAH per kilogram, and for Ukrainians it costs 62 UAH. Pork ribs in Poland are sold for 76 UAH/kg and in Ukraine we by them for 109 UAH/kg.

In Poland, the analyst’s friends shot not the discount, but the usual price tags, he assures. “It’s just always cheaper in Poland”, adds Zablotsky.

At the same time, milk, which is sold in Polish supermarkets, is only of the highest quality, assures the head of UAA, and it is much more qualitative than the Ukrainian analog.

However, even the VAT for food products in Poland is much lower, 8%, while in Ukraine it is 20%, Zablotsky notes. But, this explains only a small part of the difference in prices, he says.

“As you can see, in order to significantly improve the solvency of Ukrainians, it is not necessary to increase social expenditures much”, the expert concludes. “It’s just necessary to ensure effective competition and not to steal agricultural subsidies.”

Earlier we reported that the majority of vegetables and fruits are cheaper to buy in Poland than in Ukraine.