Money Honey More Than 60 Of Investment In Processing Honey Goes To Purchase Raw Materials

A honey processing plant in Ukraine pays off in a year or so, more precisely, in 13 months. This is evidenced by the calculations of the analytical company Pro-Consulting.

Specialists rely on the fact that the production capacity of such an object would be 20 tons of honey per day or 5,000 per year.

They advise placing the enterprise in the places where the apiaries are most concentrated, in fact, they will become the main suppliers of raw materials. Of great importance is the ecological situation in the location, since it affects the quality of the final product.

Ideally, an enterprise should receive an eco-certificate, which will increase the final price of products by about half, say in Pro-Consulting.

Experts also add that in the structure of investments in the processing of honey, most funds (63.6%) will go to purchase raw materials. The remaining items of expenditure are the purchase of premises, equipment, it will take 36.4%.

By the way, Ukraine is now the largest supplier of honey to the European Union countries. But they buy our sweet product there inexpensively, almost $ 2 per kilogram.

The whole point is that Ukraine sells raw materials, not finished products. Traders buy honey, pour it into barrels and export without any improvement or branding. About 80% of the volume is sunflower honey.

However, Europeans are looking for a unique product, new tastes and combinations, as well as organic honey. There they are ready to pay for it, and the demand is very high.