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The shipment of watermelons in a volume of 500 tons, which recently arrived by a river barge from Kherson, has already affected the price level in Kiev. In particular, the trading network “Silpo” Fozzy Group, where the berry went for sale, dropped prices immediately from 8 to 3 UAH / kg, according to Agronews.

Sellers say that the berries are sweet, however, on the very first day they did not cause much agiotage. And the volumes are small, the imported batch will be sold in a few days, until about Thursday.

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Along with Silpo, prices are falling in other retail chains. Novus sells watermelons with a 24% discount, at 5.29 UAH/kg. In the residential areas of the capital and in the markets, prices are kept at a much higher level.

Alexey Doroshenko, chairman of the Association of Trade Network Suppliers, said that the barge delivered from Kherson would not significantly affect the price tags in the capital.

“500 tons is 17 cars with watermelons, if we assume that they did not violate the maximum permitted weight. And with violations, then it is even less, says the expert. Only in the market “Troyeshchina” there are parked 10 trucks, from which they sell watermelons”.

But Maxim Kulik, an export consultant for Vinaigrette LLC, says that now the seasonal factor influences the prices of watermelons. At this time in Ukraine, there is a peak of harvesting.

“We’ll wait a week and the price will be around 7-10 UAH/kg in the store again, and 3-4.5 UAH/kg from the field at the current UAH 1.5-2 / kg,” he said.

Along with this, according to East-Fruit monitoring, compared to last year, watermelon prices in Ukraine are 2.8 times lower on average. At the same time, experts say that only producers of very high-quality products can count on more or less significant growth of prices in the near future.

For the time being, the excessive supply of watermelons is putting pressure on the market. Only in the last week, they have fallen in price by 40%.