The expansion of Ukrainian bean growing segment by foreign companies is inevitable. To date, producers from India and Turkey are already looking towards Ukraine and are ready to compete with our producers on Ukrainian lands, says Alexander Shtefanets, member of the Board of “Community Of Pulse Producers And Customers Of Ukraine” (SPPBU), “AgroInsider” reports.

According to him, some of the Indian and Turkish companies are already working in Ukraine, they lease land, grow pulse and build elevators.

Our producers have no more serious capital to invest in production. For professional growth, you need to invest not only in special equipment but also in elevators, refining equipment and packaging lines.

“Expansion by foreign companies is still inevitable. If, of course, our state does not contribute to the creation of equal opportunities”, says Shtefanets.

But, he said, there is a good side to this: the production of beans in Ukraine will still grow, foreigners will share their experience of growing these crops, they will encourage Ukrainian producers and instill a culture of growing them among our farmers.

According to Shtefanets, this situation has now developed in Canada, where Indian and Turkish producers have placed their bean production. Due to the fact that they have such roots, Canadian products are actively lobbied in the Indian market (perhaps the most promising for the supply of these crops) and now Canada is the main supplier of beans to India.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian agricultural producers earn on bean export 42% more than those who export all dairy products.