In Ukraine, it is difficult to find quality seeds for growing micro-plants. To import them is too expensive. Ivan Vorobyov, a former chef, and now the founder of the “Health Portion” farm told about it to “Agro-Yug”.

Vorobiev has been doing his new business for five years. He cultivates 15 kinds of micro-crops, including sunflower, mustard, peas, cilantro, onion, radish, basil, arugula, amaranth, cucumber and the like.

The farmer says that the most important thing in this business is the seeds. The plant itself grows 2-3 weeks, so they sow and harvest often.

“We buy seeds from professional producers, but they grow poorly. We tested them and found out that they were infected. The sellers throw their hands up, although they have been selling seeds for many years”, Vorobyov said.

A high percentage of the harvest from domestic seeds is to be scrapped, reaching 50%.

“Here are 600 boxes planted and a half taken to the trash. Once the percentage of spoilage was 10-15%. Now it “dances” from 15% to 50%, depending on the lot of seeds, rain, air humidity, water quality”, explains the entrepreneur.

Also sometimes there are problems with pests. To combat them, biological products are used, the containers are put one on top of the other, wrapped with a sticky tape.

Another difficulty in growing the micro-green is the lack of professional staff. Students do not learn all the nuances of sprouting greens in the early stages. “This is a dense sowing and only the initial stage of growth. And how to work with this, they do not know. They apply methods for ordinary plants, but here everything is different”, adds Vorobyev.

We recall, that earlier AgroDay wrote that from ten hundred square meters it may be possible to earn $ 33 thousand, but the producers are still talking about the problems with the realization of such products, it may be profitable to sell them only through a major retail.