More than 90% of food industry waste can be further used in agriculture, reports in its review material. This can be a quality feed for cows, pigs and other animals, a valuable organic fertilizer, there are many ways of processing residues and waste.

For example, a large project for waste disposal is being implemented by the  “Gnidava Sugar Factory”. The plant has purchased special pressing equipment for pressing pulp and is building special warehouses for further processing.

The company is to install equipment to work with the waste that is left after cleaning sugar beet juice), which becomes a valuable fertilizer after processing. This kind of waste deoxidizes the soil and has many nutrients, including micro- and macronutrients.

Manufacturers of beer Carlsberg Ukraine and AB InBev Efes recycle or process waste together with partners. For example, the partner “Slavutich-Tara” in its processes spent beer grains and beer yeast for its own purposes. The volumes are constantly growing: in 2016 “Slavutich-Tara” bought 33.7 thousand tons of beer pellets, and in 2017 – 61.7 there were thousand tons.

Due to modern processing technologies, a biologically valuable product used in livestock production is obtained from pellets. In liquid and dry form it is well suited for fattening fish or cattle. So, for cows, beer grains increase milk yield, and brewer’s yeast provides a significant weight gain.

According to, if the approach is right, of the total number of purchased waste products of beer production, final utilization will be carried out only in 2% of the total volume. And 98% is used in production and operational processes, which are based on the principles of the circular economy.