Tutti Frutti The Farmer Is To Receive More Than 300 Thsnd Uah Of A Grant For The Production Of Fruit Eco Chips
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A farmer from Mariupol is to receive 324 thousand UAH of a grant for the production of fruit and vegetable eco chips. Roman Kruglyakov won in the contest “Ukrainian Donetsk Kurkul”, founded by the Donetsk regional state administration for the development of local entrepreneurship and business, according to “Uriadovy Courier”.

The farmer successfully defended his project under the name “Donecoprodukt” and is going to open its own enterprise for the production of healthy foods.

He is planning to work in two directions. The first is the production of sliced fruit eco chips, made of apricots, apples, pears, plums, oranges and lemons. The second is the production of boiled vegetables in vacuum packaging.

According to him, the raw materials for all this he will buy from local rural producers, and consumers will be offered tasty products.

“It will be a natural product without preservatives, emulsifiers, sodium gluconate and other chemical additives,” he assures.

To start his own business, the farmer will receive funds from the regional and local budgets. He is also ready to invest his savings. With this money, the winner will acquire the necessary modern equipment. Kruglyakov plans to employ three people in the enterprise.

The launch of the production of healthy food is going to be held in October this year. The farmer wants to sell his products on the domestic market, but also does not exclude the possibility of export. So, he intends to certify his products in accordance with the norms of the European Union and in the future to sell them in Europe.

Earlier it was reported that the business on fruit chips pays off in two years.