From Bobruisk Bobruiskagromash Was Afraid Of The Court And Returned 56 Thousand To The Ukrainian Producer Of Agricultural Spare Parts But Did Not Pay Fines

The Belarusian machine-building enterprise “Bobruiskagromash” purchased from Ukrainian “Agro-Impulse.M” (Melitopol) a batch of spare parts for $ 56 thousand in March 2017 and, following the contract, had to pay 100% of the order value within 45 days. Since the contract was broken by the Belarusians and the money was not paid at all, the Ukrainian manufacturer sued, “RIA Melitopol” reports.

A few months later, in the Zaporozhye Economic Court, “Bobruiskagromash” paid the debt for the products purchased, but this time refused to pay a penalty and a fine amounting to about 670 thousand rubles.

Will the Ukrainian side sue in order to force “Bobruiskagromash” to pay a fine and a penalty is not yet known.

The message also indicates that the owner of “Agro-Impulse.M” is a candidate for deputies of the Melitopol City Council from the “Opposition block” Igor Kastin.

The company exists since 2001 and produces hydraulic parts and components for various industries, including agricultural. And also produces products according to the customer’s drawings. It cooperates with companies from the near abroad, the Baltics and the Middle East.