The registrars, who made false information in the state register for a bribe, sentenced three sentences for exceeding the official authority. To date, they are being examined in appellate instances. And although the violators of the law are hundreds more in this profession, so far none of them has suffered punishment. This was stated by Dmitry Storozhuk, First Deputy Prosecutor General, “Law and Business” reports.

The report also adds that the punishment for such an offense is to restrict access to the registry and pay a fine that is not really too high.

In return, the farmers participating in the second anti-raider forum propose to fix one of two types of punishment at the legislative level: confiscation of all property of the registrar whose guilt has been proved, or several years of imprisonment, or even both options together.

On the whole, farmers consider that the main raider is a commission for dealing with complaints in the field of state registration, which should help in solving problems of agricultural producers.

In particular, farmers and their advocates complain that the session of the commission takes place without their knowledge, complaints are considered superficially, and they are refused in their satisfaction without explaining the reason.

One more point: only law enforcement agencies have the right to recognize documents falsified, and at the moment when this fact is acknowledged, a repeated complaint, according to the rules of the commission, can not be accepted.

We recall that in 2016, official bodies recorded from 3 to 7 thousand cases of raiding, in 2017 their number was reduced to 700.

According to the survey conducted on the initiative of the Ukrainian Agricultural Council, only 8% of the heads of agricultural enterprises consider themselves protected from raiding. Another 31% consider high probability of their farms to suffer from raider seizure, 44% consider this danger as medium, and 14% are convinced that the probability of a raider attack on their enterprise is low.