Milk Soap Opera After Five Years Of Domestic Dramas The Olkom Milk Plant Will Be Sold By Auction

Real estate and equipment owned by the “Olkom” dairy plant and which is located in Melitopol, will be sold by auction through the OpenMarket platform (SE “SETAM” of the Ministry of Justice).

The starting price for the former assets of “Olkom” is 84 million UAH. In particular, potential buyers are offered to purchase a complex of buildings with an area of more than 14.3 thousand square meters with a starting price of 44.086 million UAH, movable property and 230 units of equipment are sold for 40.2 million UAH.

According to Viktor Vishnev, General Director of “SETAM”, the plant is relatively new. It has been in operation since 2000. It uses modern powerful equipment that allows producing more than 60 types of dairy products: from milk and kefir to cheese desserts.

In addition, the plant introduced a food safety system for its products.

The auction will be held on September 13.

We recall that the Olkom dairy plant ceased to exist due to a corporate conflict that arose in the autumn of 2013 between former spouses-owners. The former wife of Yevgeny Kutsenko, the owner of the Olkom group of companies and the sister of Olkom’s founder Oleg Oleksenko, Olga Kutsenko, joined the mother and daughter of Oleg Oleksenko and the daughter of the former chairman of the supervisory council of the Melitopol Oil Extraction Plant, founded at the address of the last one the PLC “Euroselling”. In the company’s ownership, thus, more than 87% of shares of MOEP turned out to be.

Yevgeny Kutsenko, realizing that the controlling stake in the plant is going to be sold, appeals to the court and demands arresting the shares in the “Euroselling” statutory fund. The court rejects Kutsenko and in ten days, 65% of the shares are sold to the spouses Sergey and Lyudmila Zhelev, ignoring Kutsenko’s legitimate advantage in buying these shares. Later, another 22% of the shares were acquired by the daughter of Zhelevs, Julia Sinyooka, who actually became the owner of the enterprise.

In April 2014, Yevgeny Kutsenko was hospitalized with a gunshot wound to his face. His life was saved, and law enforcers closed the case on the article “Bringing to suicide.” Three weeks later, the agreement with Zhelevs was canceled, and Kutsenko was able to concentrate in his hands 97.6% of MOEP. However, at a private meeting of the members of the board, Kutsenko was expelled from the members of the supervisory board and included Sinyooka.

In December 2014, Zhelev S.S. and the company “Kamish-Zoryansky Elevator” filed a lawsuit in court to recover almost 55 million UAH. The defendants in it are the Kiev Margarine Plant, the Olkom Dairy Plant and the Melitopol Oil Extraction Plant. The end to this story was put on June 15, 2018. By decision of the court, the “Olkom” milk plant must pay 54.278 million UAH in favor of the “Kamysh-Zoryansky Elevator” company, the amount of the court fee of 73.08 thousand UAH and the amount of the court fee for filing a cassation complaint of 146.16 thousand UAH.

The “Olkom” Milk Plant ceased its activities, and all its employees and assets were transferred to the ownership of the enterprise Milk and Fat Plant “Yuzhny”, established in December 2017, owned by Evgeny Kutsenko. The enterprise continues to produce products under the TM “Molochnaya Reka”.