One of the main problems for fruit and berry producers, who decided to work for export, is the availability of international certificates. It was reported on the air of the “Radio Svoboda” by Dmitry Kroshka, chairman of the association “Ukrsadprom.”

“There are problems with hygiene and safety,” says the specialist. “Certification means that each process must be traceable. And we forget that you need to wash your hands or wear a special uniform. We are used to doing in the bushes, and according to the rules of certification, the toilet should stand in the field every 200 meters. “

The problem of the Ukrainian manufacturer is precisely in the adaptation to these conditions, but there is also a positive – more and more companies are certified according to international standards.

For comparison, last year in Ukraine there were only 5 certified apple producers, then this year 17 audits are planned for certification. Kroshka explains that the audit takes place during the harvesting period, so in fact, in a month Ukraine will receive another fifteen certified manufacturers.

Moreover, even Ukrainian retail chains recently began to be interested in the international certificates of their suppliers. Therefore, there is a high probability that the process will move.

At the same time, the expert adds that gardening is expensive and requires high capital investment. Planting a hectare of apple, raspberry or other crops will cost at least 1 million USD. This amount includes the cost of seedlings, and trellis, and exactly planting.

However, for a season the farmer can provide himself with the means for the whole year. Especially if, in addition to conventional varieties, he grows remontant varieties and forms a long conveyor for harvesting.

By the way, this year in Ukraine works the state program of compensation for 80% of the cost of seedlings of domestic production. For the first half of the year, budget payments exceeded UAH 70 million. Most of this amount was berry (22.1 million UAH – 31% of total compensation) and walnut (19.8 million UAH – 28.3%) enterprises.