Production of Ukrainian vodka started in Klimovichi (Belarus), said on his Facebook page Evgeny Chernyak, head of the supervisory board of the “Global Spirits” holding.

In the video, he showed the line from which the first batch of vodka “Morosha” came off and in a few days it will be followed by “Khortytsia”.

 Long ago Chernyak announced the transfer of his production from Ukraine abroad.

“Unfortunately, we are forced to pay taxes and create jobs here,” he says, streaming from Belarus. “It has become quite difficult for us to work, because of what is happening to the alcohol market in Ukraine, given that “Ukrspirt” operates here, which not only does not fight but also contributes to counterfeit alcohol.”

According to Chernyak, Ukraine has high corruption, therefore, as a businessman, he decided to work in the most liquid markets. In Belarus, he said, good conditions were created for his company, the rules of the game were clear.

Next to the production there is a good distillery and a well with high-quality water. In addition, Chernyak is satisfied with the Belarusian personnel and roads, which “do not compare with the Ukrainian ones”. According to his calculations, there will be another cost of logistics.

“It was not an easy decision,” he sums up, “but the capital market works like this, money is looking for places where it will be more profitable for them, where there will be a skilled workforce.”

Partially, vodka from the Belarusian plant of “Khortytsia” brand will be exported to the United States.

Chernyak promised to give a live broadcast from the launch of a similar plant in Baku on September 1. And from November 10, production starts in Houston (Texas, USA).

“The production in Ukraine will be reduced,” wrote Chernyak in his post,  But I hope very much that everything will turn around in Ukraine. It can not be worse already.”