Potentially, Ukrainian producers can export to the European Union the same number of onions as apples. But for this, we need to produce a quality product and keep it, at least until January-February, says Maxim Kulik, an export consultant of Vinagrette LLC, in an interview with profihort.com.

According to him, by this time most EU countries will have enough onions. Then, the vegetable will have to be imported.

And in the current season, the expected shortage of onion harvest complicates the situation due to the heat, especially in Great Britain and Germany.

The main calibers for exporting onions to the European market were 40-60, 50-70 and 60-80 mm, Kulik said. At the same time, local consumers prefer globular varieties with a bright yellow-brown color, as well as flattened forms.

The expert advises paying special attention to packaging and packing. The weight indicated on the bag must exactly match, and the labels in the form of stickers must be placed on each unit of the product.

In general, Kulik expressed confidence that Ukraine can not only declare its onions throughout Europe but also other positions of the vegetable group. If only farmers implement the recommendations.

Earlier, Alexander Marchenko, an expert of the fruit and vegetable market, noted that domestic producers are not ready to work on the quality of onions for deliveries to the EU. Manual calibration of products is difficult, and equipment is not available for everybody. And the question remains, what to do with substandard vegetables.

But in the domestic market, buyers are unpretentious. For them, farmers grow onions in caliber 45-80 mm. The harvest without any sorting is packed into nets and sent for sale.