The most expensive food basket of meat in Ukraine is in the Kiev region (569.3 UAH), and the cheapest is in Ternopil (492.6 UAH.), calculated on the basis of State Statistics Alexey Doroshenko, head of the Ukrainian Association of Trade Network Suppliers.

He shared these calculations on his Facebook page. Obviously, the most expensive city in the country is its capital, where the meat basket reached 588.8 UAH

The difference between Kiev and Ternopil is 96 UAH or 20%. The food basket of meat included 1 kg of beef, 1 kg of pork, 1 kg of salo, 1 kg of chicken fillet and carcass.

The TOP-5 regions with the most expensive meat in addition to Kiev are Odessa (558.1 UAH), Transcarpathian (555.4 UAH) and Sumy (550.9 UAH) regions. Five cheaper meat regions are Ternopil, Rivne (505.4 UAH), Volyn (509.1 UAH), Zhytomyr (513.8 UAH) and Donetsk (517 UAH) regions.

As we reported earlier, for the first time in 25 years the production of meat of cattle on average in Ukraine has become cost-effective. So the production of beef in 2017 showed an increase of 3.4% against a decline of 24.8% in 2016, pork is 3.5% against the negative profitability of 4.5% a year earlier. The profitability of poultry meat increased by 2% over the year and amounted to 7%.