Hidden Carcasses In The Kherson Region Only Closed Type Farms Are Allowed To Sell Pork
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In the Kherson region, only enterprises that have confirmed a closed production regime can trade and transport live pigs, raw materials, and pig production. This decision was made on August 9 by the regional department of the State Service for Food Safety of Food Products in order to prevent the spread of African swine fever in the region, the ministry’s press service reported.

This temporary restrictive measure can be revised as a result of epizootic surveys on farms and confirmation of their proper level of safety.

Also, the slaughter of pigs will be allowed only in slaughter enterprises and slaughterhouses that have an operational permit. But this does not apply to the slaughter of pigs for personal consumption.

Recall that the outbreaks of ASF were recorded in several districts of the Kherson region. The last of them was on August 8 in the village of Primorskoe Skadovsky district.

In general, over the past six months in Ukraine, 78 cases were registered against 77 last year. Of these, 42 are among domestic pigs, 29 are in wild fauna, and 7 are infected. Since 2012, the number of cases has exceeded 400. The losses of farmers during this time are estimated at 170 million UAH.

To take control of the spread of the disease in Ukraine they began to conduct research on pork in food markets. To do this, regional veterinary laboratories take samples of meat at sales points and check them in real time.

Any vaccine from ASF  still does not exist in the world. But scientists have been working on it for several years. Recently, € 10 million was planned to be allocated by the European Commission within the framework of the Horizon 2020 program to develop a vaccine from the ASF.