Pearl Baths Ukraine Starts Growing Pearls For The First Time

The Kherson State Agrarian University is planning to launch a project to grow pearls in a closed water supply system. This is reported with the reference to the rector of the university Yuri Kirillov informs “Agro-Yug”.

The project begins this autumn. It will be the first of this kind in Ukraine.

The technology of growing pearls was borrowed in China, where they have been engaged in this industry since the XIII century. Now the country is the world’s largest producer of this product, and the “pearl” industry employs about 300 thousand people.

Kirillov notes that there were difficulties with the uterine population of oysters, but it was resolved.

The technology of growing pearls is that a foreign body is introduced into the shell of the mollusk, a piece of bone, clay, wood and so on. Then the shell is returned to the pond, waiting for the foreign body to absorb the mother-of-pearl.

In a natural environment, pearls are rare: 1 per 100 mollusks. It takes 3-5 years to form a precious stone.

By the way, earlier Kherson SAU successfully implemented a project to grow Australian crayfish. They say that these arthropods will be very profitable for Ukrainian entrepreneurs because the crayfish are unpretentious to the conditions of growing and can live even in stagnant water.