On one of the agricultural enterprises of Chernihiv region in Gorodnyansky district, the organic spelt for Israel is being harvested. This is said in the video of UA: Chernigov.

The harvest is controlled by Asaf Nov, the owner of the mill, where the kosher grain will be grinded. Together with other religious people, he follows the process of collecting wheat, which will be used to prepare matzah, the traditional Jewish bread.

In particular, he observes that moisture, dirt and stubble residues from other crops do not get into the grain. In the bunker, where the grain is poured, it must be clean and dry. The delegation also checked the mechanism by which spelts are sent to a separator for cleaning.

A total of 44 tons of grain will be gathered here. The product will be sent to the Israeli city of Haifa from Odessa by sea.

Nov says that the company was chosen because it does not use chemical plant protection products. And grain is grown in an ecologically clean area, next to it there is only a settlement for 100 inhabitants.

According to him, it will be the first time to manufacture matzah in Israel independently. Previously, they brought ready-made religious bread from America and England.

By the way, now the volume of Ukrainian exports to Israel in dollar terms is five times higher than Israeli supplies to Ukraine. Now the countries are preparing to conclude an agreement on free trade. The sixth round of talks began in late July.