The State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety is to withdraw the products of five plants, manufactured in the period from January 3 to July 17, 2018, reports Infagro.

The products of the “Milk Factory Karpaty”, “Tekhmolprom”, “Gadyachsyr”, “Lozovsky Milk Plant” and “Poltavamolprod” factories were prohibited.

The State Service also asked consumers to inform the controllers of the cases if they notice the butter of these manufacturers in the trade networks or on the markets. However, the Agency does not name the reasons for the removal of products from sales.

In this regard, Vladimir Lapa, chairman of The State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety, wrote on his Facebook page that this is only the beginning.

“If you want to sell a spread, sell it while the law allows it. But there will be no palm oil under the guise of butter in the market. Do not confuse the people”, he wrote.

We recall that the journalists of the “1+1” TV-channel, in conjunction with the “Public Control” found in Ukraine several samples of butter that were produced in closed or non-existent plants and supplied for retail at a price of about 25 UAH. The study showed that despite the milk indicated in the composition of the product, the butter was made from a mixture of vegetable fats. Incidentally, the above-mentioned plants appeared in the investigation.