Ukrainian fruit and vegetable products are almost non-existent in Europe and even if our country had large capacities to produce them, the export of fruits and vegetables to the EU would not have grown anyway. This was stated by Pyotr Lakhay, an analyst of agricultural markets of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB), the site “Novoye Vremya” reports.

The fruit and vegetable market in Europe is regulated and, in order to supply products to it, it is necessary to have the appropriate licenses and certificates, and they are available for very few Ukrainian producers.

In addition, according to Lakhay, Ukraine does not really have the capacity to compete actively. The exception is apples. Among their producers, there are large industrial enterprises that are able to provide both quality and certification.

“The rest of the products are gaining momentum. Often Europeans do not know Ukrainian products. They do not know that Ukraine can supply high-quality products, in sufficient quantities”, the expert said.

Earlier it was reported that due to the abnormal heat, the harvest of many crops in the countries of Western, Central and partly Eastern Europe was greatly reduced. Most losses, according to Profel, suffered the industry of frozen and canned vegetables. This sector in Europe is suffering losses because of the weather for the third consecutive year.

Also from 20% to 50%, the crop of legumes was reduced, crops of spinach and cauliflower were affected. In southern Europe, crop losses were due to flooding.

We recall that over 8 months of the previous marketing year, Ukraine increased 7.3-fold the export of corn to Germany. At the same time, experts predict that under current weather conditions, there is a chance to increase the number of Ukrainian corn supplies in this direction even more.