Hazelfun Ukrainian Farmers Grow Hazelnuts For European Confectionery
Фото: oblvesti

In the village of Kholodnaya Balka (Odessa region) for several years, farmers grow hazelnuts, which are exported to the European Union for the production of chocolate products, Oblvesti reports.

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Now on the farm varieties of the Italian hazelnuts are grown. “It is especially for Europe, shredding, drying, a certain core diameter, flavoring qualities, fat and oil content are perfect for European production. Accordingly, it is adapted for chocolates, sweets and other confectionery products”, says Maxim Sheyko, director of the hazelnut farm.

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According to him, the farm began to grow a hazelnut from 50 hectares, today 500 hectares are planted under it, and in the near future, they plan to expand by 350 hectares.

Sheyko ordered the first seedlings as early as in 2014 in the Crimea, but in connection with the annexation of the peninsula, they were only able to get them in 2015.

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Now the garden is equipped with watering from the local pumping station. With water, liquid fertilizers are also delivered. Also, two storage pools were installed on the farm. 150 people work here, agricultural machinery is involved.

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On the advice of Italian agronomists, the field on the farm was divided into 4 parts and the windbreaks of the fast-growing paulownia tree were planted.

for the next year, the farmer plans to expand facilities for washing, drying and shredding hazelnuts. There the hazelnuts will be finalized before exporting. The cost of unshelled dried nuts is 2.50-2.70 €/kg, and the purified whole kernels are purchased at 8-8.50 €/kg.

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We recall, that earlier AgroDay reported that hazelnut plantations begin to bring profit in the third year. The cost of planting one hectare of hazelnuts is € 4500.