Since early 2018, Ukrainian forestry enterprises have sown a young forest on an area of 25.5 thousand hectares, plus foresters planted 1.2 thousand hectares of new forests, reports the Ministry of Agrarian Policy.

In this case, nurseries sowed seeds for the reproduction of the forest for 226 hectares. This will allow the forestry enterprises to meet the planting material in the fall and spring of 2019.

Over the past 5 years, forestry enterprises have renovated the felling sites for more than 260 thousand hectares, the ministry reports.

“In order to preserve the newly created forests, it is necessary to pay special attention to the timely caring of them, taking into account the weather conditions in each forest zone,” said Vladimir Bondar, the deputy chairman of the State Forest Agency.

At the same time, illegal logging is another issue, which the government has recently called to pay attention to. According to State Forest Agency, only illegal deforestation reaches 30 thousand cubic meters annually. 

Voiced by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy 25.5 thousand hectares, planted in six months, if planted, for example, pine, only after 100 years would provide a suitable for cutting wood with a volume of 4.7 million cubic meters.

During this period, if only the current rate of illegal logging is taken into account, Ukraine will lose 3 million cubic meters, or 63% of the forest planted today.

As we reported earlier, according to a study conducted by British non-governmental organization Earthsight, Ukraine became the largest supplier of contraband wood in the EU.

More illegal timber comes from here than from Latin America, Africa and South-East Asia combined.

For 4 years, illegal exports from Ukraine to the EU increased by 75%. Only for the 2017th supply exceeded € 1 billion.