The canteen of the Office of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine ordered products for 720 thousand UAH, according to the tender, which the company “Foods Company Ltd.” won, “Our Money” reports, referring to the data of the “ProZorro” system.

The list of the order includes: flour, starch, cereals, macaroni and ready-made dough. The lion’s share of purchases — 300 thousand UAH — went to wheat flour. The canteen will receive 20 tons at a price of 15 UAH/kg.

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At the same time, on the site of the Foods Company Ltd itself, flour of the highest class is sold twice as cheaply — 7.70 UAH/kg. In open sources, prices for flour of the highest class do not exceed 8 UAH/kg.


Other state enterprises also hold tenders, but even their prices are almost half that of VR. For example, in July, “Kiev Metro” ordered the highest class flour at 8.28 UAH/kg.

Owners of Foods Company Ltd, the Kyivans Leonid Moruzhenko and Natalya Vivdenko received two more tenders from the parliamentary canteen this year for 321 thousand UAH, and in 2016 they delivered goods for 2 thousand UAH to the social service center of Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev.

At the same time, they had only one competitor at their trades – the company “Luxspetsmetalopostavka” from near Kiev, but that also belongs partly to Vivdenko. Therefore, during the auction, there was nobody to knock down the price.

The investigators also found that the wife of Nikolai Bobrenko, the director of the Verkhovna Rada canteen, Alla Dolgopyat was the founder of the company “Benish GPS Ukraine”, which in the days of Viktor Yanukovych was the largest supplier of GPS navigation systems for the public sector.