Working For Peanuts Because Of The Scarcity Of Chickpea Seeds Farmers Are Sowing Whatever And Lose

Even if the prices for chickpeas fall in comparison with the current $ 1000/t to $ 650-750, this crop will still remain attractive for cultivation. This opinion was voiced by Oleg Bushulyan, deputy director for scientific and investment-innovative work of the Selection and Genetics Institute in an interview with “Info-Industry”.

The specialist says that for the last two years the price per ton of chickpea has been kept even above $ 1000. From a hectare of harvested 10-40 tons, the manufacturer can get from $ 10 thousand to $ 40 thousand of revenue from this area.

The average cost of growing chickpeas varies between $ 500-650/ha. That is, under the worst scenario, earnings per hectare will be $ 9.35 thousand.

It is also advantageous to cultivate crops from the agrotechnical point of view. The dates of sowing chickpeas are between early and late spring crops, and they are harvested immediately after them. Thus, chickpeas early liberate the field and this gives time to prepare it for sowing subsequent crops. In addition, chickpeas saturate the soil with nitrogen.

Profitability of chickpeas causes serious stir among farmers. Large areas, especially in 2018, were sown with uncertified seeds of various origins. Bushulyan says that seeds of dubious quality are imported from abroad for fabulous money. But sowing them, farmers do not always get what they expected.

“This year, due to excess rainfall, many farmers lose”, says Bushulyan. “And besides, with dangerous seeds, dangerous diseases of chickpeas are freely imported to Ukraine, which may call into question the further cultivation of this crop on our lands.”

By the way, there is no official statistics regarding the area of sowing chickpeas in Ukraine. According to market participants, it ranges from 60 thousand to 80 thousand hectares.

We recall that it was previously expected that in 2018, Ukraine would double the area under this bean crop.